The UCEE introduces itself as a high level organization operating in EU and in non EU Countries that will have the chance to make their own experts be part of it in order to help solve economic, social, cultural and communication problems with an informal approach and consequently over the parts as much as possible.

This fact in the attempt to accelerate the harmonisations and the research of a consensus necessary to formally and positively define issues of international importance

Strategy adopted to pursue the mission for any member at the organisation:

To supply an effective support to the European Community by proposals and finalized plans for an impulse to the development of an effective economic, social, cultural, technical, environmental collaboration between the European Countries of the EU and between these and the extra EU Countries;

To create an adequate and qualified pool of international experts in order to allow a Commission of the European Parliament and every General Directorate of the European Commission to pick up in case an operative task force on a topic under evaluation is needed;

To organize conventions, seminaries, workshops and meetings with the aim to help creating relationships concurring to an inner harmonization as well as a diffusion of knowledge about the EU and its organisation in the world.

The Union of European Experts Chambers is a non-profit organization, operating in countries of the European Union and in other States. This pool of independent and non-political professionals, workers and entrepreneurs with associative behaviour, will operate in a way whose principles are stated in the Universal declaration of the Human Rights and the fundamental Freedoms of the European Council.

Any member work in the European Experts to develop our socio-economical network and its integration in the European evolution process and to contribute to increase the quality level of the above mentioned services in terms of matured experience and professionalism, guaranteeing the professional specialization and the service reliability to the customer.

The association shall organize, among the Members, the development of their activity, the improving of their exterior image, their professional updating to offer always more professional services, even through the diffusion of a common tally.


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